Q: How do I catch ants?
A: Place bait, such as water with sugar placed in a bottle. After some time, the jar will be full of ants, and you can just transfer them to your ant farm. Another way to catch ants is by digging up a colony.

Q: Where can I get ants?
A: You can simply get ants outdoors. Ants can thrive in most climates and places, and it shouldn’t be too hard to catch some for your ant farm. You may also order some from various websites. If you like, you can plant some bait if you want to collect many ants.

Q: What is good food for ants?
A: Nutrition that you provide for your ants greatly depends on the species or type that you have in your ant farm. Most ants can make do with a mixture of water and sugar, or honey, or maple syrup. Adding a crushed multivitamin into the mixture will help give your ants the proper nutrients they need. You can also feed them dead insects, but you have to make sure that the species can handle that kind of food.
Leafcutter ants eat the fungi that grow on leaves, so you can place leaves in your ant farm if you have this type of ants. Meanwhile, harvester ants eat seeds.