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  • This miniature version of the larger Insect Lore Ant Hill offers the same attractive Ant Hill, only it is a fraction of the size. This means it takes up less room on any surface and it makes it easier to store. One must realize though that this Mini Ant Hill is about a quarter of the size of the regular Ant Hill. It is extremely cute but it is also very small. The tunneling area on the regular sized Ant Hill is not large at all and the area on this model is much smaller. Still, you can enjoy watching the little critters crawl around and dig tunnels in this cozy habitat made especially for them.

    The container has a rounded front with a straight back and that is where the digging area is located. The front area displaying the ant hill is just for show and for the ants to walk on. The sand is in a separate thin compartment in the back of the container so in order to see the ants dig you need to be faced away from the attractive part of the Ant Hill.

    Contents of the Ant Farm

    The Mini Ant Hill features the container with the same realistic double-sided viewing area, wide base for stability, and escape proof locking lid as the regular Ant Hill. It also comes with the Ant Hill fill sand, fun ant activities, a coupon for free live ants, and complete instructions.


    The ants can be sent for with the coupon. All you need to do is add four dollars for shipping and handling. The ants can only be shipped in the USA. It takes two to three weeks for the ants to arrive. The most ideal time for ordering the ants is between April and October. Even during these months there is a chance that some or many of the ants will arrive expired. If this happens you can send for more, free of charge. Around 25 ants come in the tube. It is best to retrieve the package right away so that the ants do not spend too much time in the mailbox.

    You can try and catch your own ants although it is best to use the ordered ones since they tend to tunnel better and survive longer. This is because the ordered ants are larger than most ants found in one’s backyard. The ants you catch should never be combined with the ordered ants because they will kill each other. Always wear gloves when catching ants. They can bite or sting.


    The ants usually live between a two and four weeks although some die prematurely. On occasion some ants may live longer than the predicted few months, though this is unusual. In the wild the ants can live a year and even longer. However, without a queen and their natural habitat, the ants cannot thrive as they normally would in the great outdoors.

    Ant Care

    The ants need to be fed and watered according to the instructions. The Ant Hill should be placed in an area that receives light and that has a consistent temperature. One should not move the Ant Hill when ants are living inside. One cave-in can kill many of then ants. Direct sunlight is also extremely harmful for the ants. The ideal temperature should be between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Overfeeding and overwatering the ants can kill them. Ants like to eat pretty much anything, including bits of apples, leaves, hamburgers, and hard-boiled eggs. A pinhead size helping of any of these items is enough for the whole colony for one week.


    It is recommended to have the Ant Hill set up and ready when the ants arrive so that they can immediately be placed in their new home. The ants can first be placed in the refrigerator for fifteen minutes or so in order to slow them down. Ants are rather quick so slowing them down ensures a safer transfer. If you choose to use the Ant Hill again, you can order more ants as well as more sand from Insect Lore.

    Recommended Age

    Insect Lore Ant Hill – Mini is recommended from age eight and up. The Ant Hill offers the same fun as the larger size only this one can fit more easily on a table, shelf, or desk. Ants actually tunnel better in smaller and narrower areas, which is what Insect Lore Ant Hill – Mini offers. They are also more active when they are fewer, which is the case in this mini version of the popular Ant Hill.

    Product Dimensions

    6.8 x 4.8 x 6.5 inches ; 6.4 ounces