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  • The AntWorks Illuminated Sculpture Kit provides you with satisfaction even after your AntWorks ant habitat is no longer in use. Instead of storing, throwing out, or giving away your ant habitat after all of your ants have expired and you have finished using it as a live habitat, you can enjoy your tiny pets’ hard work by turning their tunnels into a beautiful sculpture. This can be done with the help of the AntWorks Illuminated Sculpture Kit. The kit comes with everything that you will need in order to transform your ant habitat into a stunning sculpture. After the sculpture has been completed, you can light it up with the illuminated base that is included in the kit.

    The result is an eye-catching sculpture that was created by your very own ant colony. What a way to pay tribute to these tiny but capable workers! The gel-abased ant habitat by AntWorks is not included, but everything that you need in order to create the sculpture is. Just pour the clear resin into your AntWorks habitat and let it harden. You then rinse away the loose gel and you are left with a work of art that resembles an ice sculpture. After adding the LED base to the sculpture, which is included with the kit, you can see your sculpture glow in a bright and beautiful blue light.

    Contents of the Ant Farm

    The AntWorks Illuminated Sculpture Kit includes an illuminated based, a sculpture holder, an A/C adapter, a mixing stick, a mixing cup, a thin plastic sleeve, a bottle of resin (part A), and a bottle of curing agent (part B).


    The Antworks Sculpture Kit does not come with a coupon for ants since no ants are needed for this kit. The Sculpture Kit is intended as a by product for the Antworks habitat to capture and preserve the beauty of the structure your ants tunneled in your Antworks Space Age Habitat.


    The Antworks Illuminated Sculpture Kit is designed to preserve the beauty of you Antworks for all eternity.

    Recommended Age

    This AntWorks Sculpture Kit with Illuminator is recommended from age eight and up. There are small parts in this kit that can be a choking hazard for children under three years of age. Older children as well as adults will enjoy constructing the sculpture as well as admiring it once it has been completed.