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  • This edition of the original AntWorks Space-Age Ant Habitat turns the gel-based ant habitat into an aquarium-like item. The TVQuarium is basically the ant habitat with a television-style clear polymer enclosure that makes your ant farm look even sleeker and more stylish. It is like an aquarium for ants, especially with the Illuminator that can be attached to this addition. It is slightly misleading since the picture of the product appears to be illuminated. The blue LED lights definitely add a lot to the item, and make it even more chic looking, but they are sold separately.

    The cool looking frame adds a lot to the looks of this fascinating ant habitat, and is a unique piece of décor for your office or home. The TVQuarium edition emphasizes the world of these tiny creatures, made possible through the nutrient gel that fills the translucent habitat. The product is a result of a 2003 NASA Space Shuttle experiment that tested ant life in microgravity. With the help of this amazing gel, the ants were able to receive the necessary nutrients and survive, despite the rough conditions. This type of ant habitat makes caring for ants even easier and less expensive than it normally is. There is no need to feed or water the ants, and the gel allows the ants to make even more tunnels that look unbelievable, especially when lit up. This is something that is not possible with sand-based ant habitats.

    Contents of the Ant Farm

    The Antworks TVQuarium kit includes the nutrient gel filled ant habitat, a black TV Picture frame, a magnifying glass, an extreme zoom lens, an ant catching tool / tunnel starter, an instruction booklet, and an AC adapter. The kit does not include the ants.


    You can either catch your own ants with the ant catcher tool included with the kit, or you can send for them on your own. The kit does not come with a coupon for free ants as do other ant habitat kits. You can order from a number of different companies that sell ants specifically for ant habitats such as this AntWorks TVQuarium. It is best to send for the ants during the warmer months. It is not uncommon for some ants to arrive expired. If you catch ants, make sure to wear gloves since they can bite or sting. Never combine the ordered ants with ants that you have caught, or ants from two separate colonies for that matter. Their instinct is to kill each other. Before putting the ants into the ant habitat, you should put them in the refrigerator for around ten to fifteen minutes in order to slow them down and make the transfer easier.


    With a queen ant around, ants can live as long as a year. However, when they are not in their natural habitat and they do not have a queen ant; ants will survive between a few weeks and a few months. Some may expire right away, while other may live much longer. Selling and buying queen ants is illegal, but you can try and capture one on your own although it won’t be easy. Nevertheless, the few months that the ants survive in their ant habitat are enough time for them to dig series upon series of intricate tunnels that will blow your mind.

    Ant Care

    There isn’t much for you to do once you have introduced your tiny pets to their gel ant habitat. This is because the nutrient gel does everything for you. You do not have to feed or water them. Just makes sure they are not in direct sunlight and that the temperature is kept between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also important to remove expired ants immediately so that mold does not form in the gel.

    Recommended Age

    The AntWorks TVQuarium is intended for children ages eight and up. It is a wonderful item for older children as well and makes a wonderful gift. It is also a terrific way to brighten up an ant habitat being used in a classroom.

    Product Dimensions

    8 x 6.75 x 1.75