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  • The blue AntWorks Illuminated Combination Ant Farm kit combines the fun of the original AntWorks Space Age Habitat with the AntWorks Illuminator, making the ant tunnel even more visible and exciting to watch. This combination set comes in blue, the original Space Age Habitat gel color, and includes the AntWorks Illuminator, which lights up your world of ants into a glowing blue ant habitat. This ant habitat is the same one that is based upon the 2003 NASA Space Shuttle experiment that showed how well ants can live in microgravity through this Nutrient Gel. This is because the gel not only provides a tunneling substance for the ants that will not collapse when there isn’t any gravity, but because the gel supplies the ants with the necessary nutrients that they need to survive as well.

    This advanced version of the traditional ant habitat allows you to observe the ants as they live, tunnel, and thrive as a colony, all without having to worry about feeding or watering them. The ArtWorks Illuminated Combination ant habitat is easier to handles, and more exciting to watch since the gel allows 3D tunnels to be built. The Illuminator makes it even easier to watch the ants go about their daily activities since it lights up the gel, turning their tunnels into a fascinating lights show.

    Contents of the Ant Farm

    This AntWorks ant habitat kit includes a magnifying glass, an extreme zoom lens, an ant catching / tunnel starter tool, an instruction booklet with interesting facts about ants, blue gel ant habitat, and AntWorks Illuminator. The kit does not include ants or a coupon for ordering free ants.


    The ants are not included with the kit. Ants can be purchased separately or caught with the help of the ant catcher included with the set. Always wear gloves while catching ants since they can sting or bite. If you do choose to order ants, never combine them with ants that you have caught, as they will just kill each other. Around twenty ants or so can be put into the habitat. Not all of them will survive, but that is expected. It is important to remove the expired ants so that mold does not form. Ants should be put in the refrigerator before being introduced to their gel habitat, since the cold will slow them down and make the transfer easier. Ordered ants generally survive longer and tunnel better because they are a larger species than the kinds found in most backyards.


    Ants can live as long as a year in their natural habit, and sometimes even longer. However, it is illegal to catch queen ants, and extremely difficult to catch one. Without a queen ant, or their natural habitat, ants cannot live as long as they normally would in the wild. You can expect them to live anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, although some may expire right away while other may surprise you and live longer than expected.

    Ant Care

    The great thing about the AntWorks ant habitat is that there is little upkeep needed. The ants do not need to be fed or watered since the gel takes care of all their nutrient needs. Just make sure the habitat is kept out of direct sunlight and that the temperature is kept between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Recommended Age

    This terrific product is recommended from age eight and up, although children as well as adults of all ages will immensely enjoy the gel ant habitat. With the fantastic addition of the AntWorks Illuminator to this kit, the fun of watching these tiny creatures tunnel is taken to a whole new level.

    Product Dimensions

    6.5 x 5.5 x 1.25 inches ;