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  • The GeoSafari Ant Zone is different from the various ant habitats that are on the market in that it is a three-dimensional habitat that allows you to remove the lid and watch the ants as they dig and tunnel. The Ant Zone boasts a unique escape-proof habitat so that you don’t have to worry about the ants escaping even when the top is off. The high rounded walls of the habitat make certain that ants remain enclosed in their “zone.” The snap-on lid features a built-in magnifier, making it easier to observe the tiny critters as they go about their daily activities. The GeoSafari Ant Zone is larger than most ant habitats, which allows more room for the ants to roam around. On the other hand, ants tend to tunnel better in smaller areas.

    This GeoSafari Ant Zone is an attractive looking product that serves as an observatory where ants live, work, and defend their turf together as a colony. Having an open-air container gives observers a whole different ant-watching experience. You can watch these fascinating creatures as they lug the sand around that can sometimes be twenty times their weight. Although they are small, ants are strong, intelligent, and make great pets!

    Contents of the Ant Farm

    The GeoSafari Ant Zone kit includes an escape-proof container with built in magnifier, tweezers, a water dropper, an ant-sized watering hole, and a 17 x 22 inches full color “All About Ants” poster, which describes an ant’s reproductive cycle and behavior, and five different types of ants. Not only is the Ant Zone great for kids of all ages as well for adults, but it can be a wonderful learning tool for one’s home or classroom.


    Ants are not included with this GeoSafari kit; however they can easily be obtained by sending in the coupon that comes with the kit. It can take a few weeks for the ants to arrive and sometimes even longer. Ants are not shipped when the weather is considered too extreme. The best time for ordering ants is between April and October. It is important to be around when the ants are supposed to arrive so that they don’t sit in your mailbox. If you are going to be away, make arrangements for someone else to pick up the ants and take care of them. The ants should be put in the refrigerator for ten minutes before they are introduced to their new home. This will slow them down a bit and make it easier to get them inside the Ant Zone.

    You can also try and catch your own ants though this can be difficult. Never combine the ordered ants with ants that you have caught. They will end up harming each other. If you choose to catch ants, make sure to wear gloves and not to touch them. They can bite or sting.


    In the wild ants can live a year or even longer. Inside the GeoSafari Ant Zone, ants are expected to live between a few weeks and a few months. At times, some ants will expire right away while other times the ants may live longer than their predicted lifespan. Without a queen and their natural habitat, the ants cannot survive as well as they normally would.

    Ant Care

    The greatest aspect of ants as pets is that they demand little care. Although sand ant habitats do take more caring for than the gel ones, there is still not much that needs to be done in order for the ants to thrive and build a healthy colony. You need to feed and water the ants as instructed, make sure they are not in direct sunlight, maintain a comfortable temperature between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit, and provide a sturdy surface for the Ant Zone. Overfeeding and overwatering can kill the ants so make sure not to go overboard.

    Recommended Age

    The recommended age for the GeoSafari Ant Zone is eight and up. Children of all ages though will enjoy the Ant Zone in their own way. Some might be fascinated by the sight of insects living in their own tiny home, while others will be intrigued by the intricate tunnels these tiny beings have built. Teenagers and adults will also find the Ant Zone exciting and interesting. As small as these ants may be, they are still capable of providing live entertainment not to mention a true learning experience.

    Product Dimensions

    5.4 x 9.9 x 12.3 inches ; 2.7 pounds