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  • The GeoSafari Mini Ant Factory is identical to its larger version, the GeoSafari Ant Factory, except for its size. The mini Ant Factory is significantly smaller than the large one but it includes the same accessories and fun-filled activity booklet. When it comes to ant habitats, there are actually a few advantages to having it a bit smaller. First of all it takes up less space so you are not limited as to where you can put it. Second of all, ants do well in a small environment (they are tiny after all!) With less room, there are fewer ants, and when there less ants they tend to work more intensively than ever.

    Some prefer the large version and others are quite content with the miniature one. It is cute and attractive and serves the same purpose as the original, which is providing you with the opportunity to learn about ants and observe them from up close. Although the Mini Ant Factory is smaller than most ant habitats, it still includes all the amazing specimen experimenting and observing tools and activities, something that is unique to the GeoSafari Mini Ant Factory and the GeoSafari Ant Factory.

    Contents of the Ant Farm

    The mini version of the GeoSafari Ant Factory comes with the Ant Factory ant habitat, a 24-page guide book, a water dropper, Sugarcement sand, canal starting tool, and an ant certificate for obtaining the free ants. All you need to do is add some extra money for shipping, handling, and insurance.


    Ants for the GeoSafari Mini Ant Factory will be sent to you once you send in your coupon for ants that comes with the kit. Around 25 ants arrive in a tube and it can take a few weeks for the ants to arrive. Ants are not shipped when weather conditions are too extreme. The cold and hot weather can kill the ants in transit. The most ideal time for ordering ants is between April and May. Make sure to be around when the ants are expected so that they don’t sit too long in the mailbox. You can also try and catch your own ants although this is slightly challenging. It is hard to find the right ants for the Ant Factory. The ordered ants generally tunnel and survive better than ants found in one’s yard because they are larger. Never mix the ordered ants with ants that you have caught. They will kill each other.


    In the great outdoors ants are capable of living up to two years but in the Ant Factory their lifespan is shortened to anywhere between a few weeks and a few months. Some ants may expire right away while a few may live longer than expected. Without a queen ant and their natural surroundings, the ants cannot thrive as they normally would.

    Ant Care

    Ants need little maintenance but you still need to keep a few things in mind while caring for these tiny pets. Ants love food and will eat practically anything; however they need very little in order to survive. Overfeeding the ants, as well as overwatering them, can kill them. Feed and water them according to the instructions and don’t overdo it. The Ant Factory could use light but direct sunlight will turn their habitat into a furnace. Ants do not appreciate being rocked, so make sure the GeoSafari Mini Ant Factory is placed on a sturdy surface.


    It is helpful to have the Mini Ant Factory already set up upon the ants’ arrival. Giving them a new home after their long trip will help them become accustomed to a new habitat more quickly. First they need to be put in the refrigerator for ten minutes in order to slow them down. You don’t want ants escaping when you try to get them inside their new habitat.

    Recommended Age

    The recommended age by the manufacturer is age four and up. This means that children as young as four years old can get the chance to learn about a whole new world that is much tinier than their own. Teenagers and adults can also participate in the fun and in the learning experience by keeping track of the ants’ daily activities and progress.

    Product Dimensions

    9.6 x 8.1 x 2 inches ; 1.4 pounds