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  • The greatness of Uncle Milton’s Original Ant Farm is magnified in this larger version of the popular ant farm. The ant farm features the same green colored container with the farm-like design, except this time the viewing area is much larger allowing more space to watch the ants as they tunnel as well as more area for these fascinating creatures to create their caves, holes, and tunnels. Although the manufacturer promises roads and bridges to be constructed in this habitat; that is not precisely what occurs. Because the ants are not in their natural habitat they are not exposed to real daily challenges, which essentially stunts their behavior. With that said, it is still fascinating to watch as these critters works as a team in an even bigger habitat.

    Contents of the Ant Farm

    The extra large version of Uncle Milton’s Original Ant Farm, the Giant Ant Farm, comes with a container with an even larger viewing surface, a year supply of ant food, a water feeder, clean tunneling sand, an illustrated “Ant Watcher’s Handbook,” and a mail-in coupon for free live ants.


    The live harvester ants will be sent to you via express mail by Uncle Milton once you send in your coupon. The ants cannot be sent during all seasons due to weather limitations. The most ideal time for ordering ants is between April and October. Even during those months some ants may arrive expired. If this happens, Uncle Milton will send you more ants, free of charge. You should try and be home when the ants are supposed to arrive so that they do not sit in the mailbox for too long. Once you have received the ants, put them in the refrigerator for fifteen minutes in order to slow them down. This way they will not try and escape when you attempt to put them inside the Giant Ant Farm. You can also try and catch your own ants, although it is recommended to use the ordered ants. This is for the simple reason that the ordered ants are harvester ants and they are larger than ants normally found in one’s backyard. They live longer and tunnel better in the Giant Ant Farm. Usually around 25 ants are sent in the tube, so this is the amount you will want to aim to catch. Make sure you are wearing gloves while catching the ants as they can bite or sting. Never mix the mailed ants with the ants that you catch since they will kill each other.


    The lifespan of your ants all depends on how they arrive and how they are cared for. This means that as soon as you receive your ants you should begin caring for them as best as you can. Once placed in the ant farm the ants should live between a few weeks and a couple of months. Some ants may die prematurely and some may live longer than their predicted lifespan. In the wild, ants can live as long as a year, however, without a queen ant and their natural habitat, the ants cannot survive as long or as well as they would normally.

    Ant Care

    Ants should be fed and hydrated according to the directions and the ant farm should be placed in a safe environment, which includes a comfortable temperature and a sturdy surface. The Ant Farm should receive light as well. Direct sunlight though can kill the ants. You should not shake or move the Ant Farm while it is being used. One cave-in could kill many of your ants. The recommended temperature is between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.


    In order to make the most of your Giant Ant Farm you should have it ready for when the ants arrive. This consists of the sand being put in as well as cotton plugs, as instructed in the booklet. The cotton plugs create the initial holes that the ants use to begin digging from. It is important to feed and water the ants but overfeeding and overwatering them can be harmful. Ants like to eat the food that is included with the kit and that can be ordered from Uncle Milton, but they also like many other foods. You can feed them a pinhead size bit of an apple, a hard-boiled egg, a leaf, or a hamburger once a week. Ants also like to nibble on a dead fly and to drink some water mixed with honey.

    Recommended Age

    Children ages eight to twelve and up will immensely enjoy this novelty item. However, this does not mean that teenagers or adults won’t enjoy it too. Anyone who passes by the Giant Ant Farm will enjoy peeking inside to see what the ants are up to. Uncle Milton’s Ant Farms make terrific educational toys as well as fun additions to the classroom.

    Product Dimensions

    2.5 x 12 x 19.5 inches ; 2.7 pounds