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  • The Eco System Ant Circus by Wild Science is one of the six Eco Systems in the series. There are four others that are also designed for ants, each with slight differences. The Ant Circus is just what it sounds like; it is a circus for ants! The container even looks like a circus tent, and has a circus feel to it with its lively red color. Ants are incredibly active and “sporty” creatures, despite their tiny size. Their amazing feats of strength along with their astonishing intelligence can be seen through the transparent walls of the Eco System Ant Circus.

    In this charming ant habitat, the ants have the freedom to roam around, tunnel, wrestle, “talk” to one another, walk through mazes to retrieve their food, walk up walls, and balance themselves on the high wire. With the help p the magnifying window, you can have an even closer look at these critters while they work and go about their daily activities. These “pets” are extremely easy to handle. They are clean, easy to keep, and cost practically nothing to feed. The Ant Circus can be connected with other units, with the help of the colony interlink tubes included in the kit.

    Contents of the Ant Farm

    The Eco System Ant Circus includes an ant environment complete with a high wire, a maze, and a magnifying window, stickers, an ant catcher, colony interlink tubes, a pipette, tweezers, and an instruction booklet.


    The Eco System Ant Circus does not included ants, nor does the kit comes with a coupon for ordering live ants as many other ant habitat sets do. You need to either order ants from an independent ant company, or try and catch some yourself. The kit comes with an ant catcher to help you accomplish this task successfully. Make sure to follow the instructions and to wear gloves since ants can bite or sting. If you decide to order ants, make sure not to combine them with ants that you have caught. This is because ants from different colonies will try and defend their own colony and will kill each other in the process.

    Most ordered ants are harvester ants and are not sent out during all the months of the year. Usually it is best to order the ants between April and October. It is not unusual for some ants to arrive expired. Most companies will provide you with more ants free of charge if this happens, but not all. This is something you need to find out about before ordering.


    There are many kinds of ants, and each type has a different lifespan. In most home ant habitats such as the Eco System Ant Circus, the ants tend to live between a few weeks and a few months. Some may die right away while other may live longer than expected. The ordered ants tend to live longer than the ones you catch on your own, but it depends on what kind of ants you have caught. The larger species live longer in the Ant Circus. They are also easier to watch and follow. In the wild, ants live longer. Without a queen, the ants cannot live as long as they normally would.

    Ant Care

    Although ants are fairly easy to care for, there are some things that need to be done in order to ensure their safety and the success of their colony. The ants should be fed and watered according to the instruction booklet. They should not be placed in direct sunlight although they could use some light. A sturdy surface is recommended for the Ant Circus so that the ants are not shaken about. Lastly, there should be a consistent temperature kept at all times, around 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.


    It is best to put the ants in the refrigerator for fifteen minutes or so before attempting to put them into the Ant Circus. This is for the simple reason that the cold slows them down, making them less active. As a result it could take between 24 and 48 hours for the ants to become extremely active. It takes them sometimes to become acquainted with their new surrounding, but before you know it they will become professional circus performers.

    Recommended Age

    The exciting Ant Circus by Wild Science is recommended for children ages six and up. This product specifically is wonderful for the younger ages because of its fun and youthful design. Many other similar ant habitats are also recommended for these ages, but this gives a child the feeling that they are watching miniature beings perform in their own tiny circus. This is not to say that older children as well as adults will not appreciate the Ant Circus. It is fun for anyone to take a peek and find out what the ants are doing.

    Product Dimensions

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