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  • With the Eco System Antlantis Island Adventure Habitat by Wild Science you get two for the price of one. This is because this unit, one of the six products in the Eco System series, has two habitats. One habitat is designated for the ants, while the other is meant for plants. The ants can roam between the two “worlds” and you can learn a lot about ants as well as plants. Antlantis Island Adventure Habitat allows you to observe and learn about two separate coexisting worlds. You can watch as the ants move food, dig tunnels, and protect their colony, all while in a real environment. In the second habitat, you can grow your own oasis and take care of plants. By creating a sustainable habitat you will be able to watch as the ants move from one “world” to another.

    All you have to do is add the ants and plant to the habitats and watch in awe as this amazing eco system comes to life. Antlantis Island is so much more than an ant habitat; it is a true learning experience that is not limited to simply observing ants. Watching as they interact with nature as they would in the outdoors is much closer to their natural habitat than any other ant habitat on the market. That is what is great about the Eco System products. They are designed to be connected if desired. This way one can get a true feel for what it is like for these critters in their world.

    Contents of the Ant Farm

    The Eco System Antlantis Island by Wild Science includes the two connected habitats for ants and plants, a pipette, tweezers, stickers, cotton balls, an ant catcher, an instructional booklet, and colony interlink tubes for connecting the different units. The ants and plants are not included with the set.


    Ants can be ordered from a variety of ant companies. Unlike most ant habitat kits, this one does not come with a coupon for ordering ants. Before you order your ants you should find out if the company is reliable and if they will replace the ants if they arrive expired. In general, it is best to order ants between April and October. Because of weather conditions it is not always possible to send the ants. The ants come in a tube, and there are usually around 25 of them. It is important to be around when the ants are expected because it is not good for them to sit too long in the mailbox. You should put the ants in the refrigerator for around fifteen minutes before introducing them to their new habitat. This is so that the ants will not be too active and will not try and escape. It can take between 24 and 48 hours for the ants to become more active and start digging.

    You can also try and catch your own ants with the ant catcher that is included with the kit. It can be tricky to catch ants and so ordering them is recommended. However, if you choose to be adventurous, then keep in mind that the ordered ants cannot be mixed with ants that you find. They are from different colonies and will try to kill each other. Always wear gloves when catching ants since they can bite or sting.


    Ant can live as long as a year and sometimes even longer in their natural habitat. Because there is no queen in this habitat, the ants cannot live as long. The lifespan for ants in the Antlantis ant habitat is a few weeks. They can live for longer than that, but they can also expire earlier than expected. It depends on what kind of ants you have, what condition they were in when they entered the habitat, and how they are cared for.

    Ant Care

    Ants do not need much care but they do need to be fed, watered, and protected to some extent. Follow the feeding and watering instructions carefully. Overfeeding and overwatering the ants can kill them. Direct sunlight as well can kill them but some light is okay. The temperature should be consistent and kept at 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. A sturdy surface is necessary in order to prevent the habitat from being shaken or knocked off balance. One cave-in can crush many of the ants.

    Recommended Age

    The Eco System Antlantis Island Adventure Habitat is recommended from age six and up. Since small parts are included, it is recommended to keep away from younger children and animals, as it can present a choking hazard.

    Product Dimensions

    4 pounds