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  • This Illuminated Ant Farm Gel Colony by Uncle Milton is much like the Uncle Milton’s Ant Farm Gel Colony, except this one has its own battery powered LED illuminator, which provides a lighted ant show for its observers. The two AAA batteries that are needed for the illuminator are not included in the kit, but the kit does include four connecting Antports and an Antway connecting tube, which allows you to connect this Illuminated Ant Farm Gel Colony with another, or with another one of Uncle Milton’s Ant Farms; even the sand ones.

    Just like the Uncle Milton’s Ant Farm Gel Colony, the Illuminated Gel Colony is filled with green translucent nutrient gel that provides the ants with everything they need to survive so there is no need to feed or water them. Not only is the maintenance easy with this product but the viewing is easier as well, thanks to the illuminator. The translucent gel allows you to have a 3D view of the intricate tunnels that the ants build and the illuminator makes these tunnels even more visible.

    Contents of the Ant Farm

    This deluxe Ant Farm includes the Ant Farm brand Gel Colony, which is made from transparent polycarbonate, four connecting Antports, an Antway connecting tube, an LED light bar that does not include the two AAA batteries, a tunnel starter tool, an ant watcher’s manual, and a mail-in coupon for receiving free live harvester ants.


    The ants can be sent for with the coupon but can only be shipped within the continental limits of USA and Canada. It can take between three and six weeks for the ants to arrive when the weather permits. The ants are only sent out when the weather is between 32 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. It is not uncommon for some ants to die in transit, however if too many ants arrive expired Uncle Milton will replace the ants free of charge. It is best to be around when the ants are supposed to arrive so that they do not sit too long in the mailbox. Around 25 ants come in the tube.

    You can also be adventurous and try and catch your own ants, although they have to be the right size in order to tunnel well. Make sure to wear gloves when catching ants since they can bite or sting. Never put the ordered ants together with the ones you catch.


    The ants tend to live between a few weeks and a couple of months in the Illuminated Ant Farm Gel Colony since without a queen ant, the ants cannot thrive as a colony for longer. It is recommended to remove the expired ants so that mold does not form.

    Ant Care

    The great thing about the Illuminated Ant Farm Gel Colony is that there is no need to feed or water the ants. All you need to do is make sure that the Ant Farm receives sunlight and that the temperature is consistent. Direct sunlight however, can kill the ants. The recommended temperature is between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.


    The instructions should be read carefully before inserting the ants. Ants can be put in the refrigerator for fifteen minutes upon receiving them in order to slow them down so that they do not run away when you attempt to put them in their new home.

    Recommended Age

    Uncle Milton’s Illuminated Ant Farm Gel Colony is recommended from age six and up. The light makes this product even more exciting. It is easier to see the ants and the tunnels with the LED lights. Adults as well as teenagers will also enjoy watching the ants dig their intricate tunnels.

    Product Dimensions

    9 x 6.5 x 3 inches ; 2 pounds