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  • The special thing about Uncle Milton’s Ant Farms is that they are the original ant farms. They have been around the longest and that is why Uncle Milton’s Vintage 50th Anniversary Limited Edition is so unique and so different. It not only comes in a retro package, which includes the original die-cut display box with authentic 1946 graphic treatment, but it boasts a limited-edition fiftieth anniversary gold ant farm.

    This edition of the popular ant farm gives one the feeling of having one of the earliest versions of Uncle Milton’s Ant Farms. However, one must take into account that this version is significantly smaller than the regular Uncle Milton’s Ant Farm. This does not affect the success of the ant habitat but it does leave the ants less room for building and digging. Like in the other Uncle Milton Ant Farms, the order-by-mail ants are recommended since the ones that are caught in one’s backyard generally do not do very well, mainly because they are not large enough.

    Contents of the Ant Farm

    This vintage kit comes with the necessary sand and tubing, a mail-in coupon for free live harvester ants, and an ant watcher’s manual. The kit also includes a special fiftieth anniversary holographic sticker and a back panel story that relates the creation and success of Uncle Milton’s Ant Farm.


    The ants for Uncle Milton’s Vintage Ant Farm can be obtained by sending in the mail-in coupon for ants and adding some money for shipping and handling. They will be shipped by express mail when the weather allows it. Extreme climates are harmful for the ants during transit and that is why it is best to order your ants between April and October. Even then some ants may arrive expired. If this happens, you can ask for additional ants to be sent, and you will receive them from Uncle Milton free of charge. Approximately 25 ants arrive in the tube that is sent to you. Make sure to be around when the ants are supposed to arrive in order to prevent them from sitting in your mailbox for too long.

    If you are adventurous you can try and catch your own ants although these ants are not recommended. This is because the harvester ants that are sent to you are larger than most ants that are found in your yard, and they live longer and tunnel better in the Vintage Ant Farm. You should always wear gloves while dealing with the ants since they can sting or bite. Never combine the ordered ants with any other ants since they will end up killing each other.


    Ants generally live between a few weeks and a couple of months in the Vintage Ant Farm but can expire prematurely. Sometimes they will live longer than the predicted few months but this is unusual. Outside, in their natural habitat the ants can live over a year, but without a queen ant, they cannot thrive in the same way.

    Ant Care

    The ants need to be fed and watered as instructed in the booklet. The ant farm should receive proper light and should be placed on a steady surface. Direct sunlight can turn the Ant Farm into a furnace and kill the ants. All it takes is one cave-in for many of the ants to be crushed. Ants do not like drastic changes in the weather and so it is recommended to keep the temperature between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit at all times. The ants can eat the food that comes with the kit and that can be ordered from Uncle Milton; however they can also eat other foods. A pinhead size bit of an apple, a leaf, a hamburger, a hard-boiled egg, or a dead fly is enough for all of the ants for one week. Overfeeding the ants, as well as overwatering them can kill them.


    The purpose of Uncle Milton’s Vintage Ant Farm is to serve as a fun and educational tool for children as well as adults, as it did for the first time so many years ago. Being able to observe these fascinating creatures from up close is an unusual and exciting experience. However, as much as Uncle Milton’s Ant Farms resembles the ants’ natural habitat, it is still not nature and therefore they will not thrive as they would if they were in the great outdoors. One should enjoy the tunnels that are built by these critters and understand that they may not survive as long or perform as well as expected. Putting the ants in the refrigerator for fifteen minutes before introducing them to the Ant Farm will slow them down and make the transfer easier for you and them.

    Recommended Age

    The vintage version of Uncle Milton’s Ant Farm is recommended for ages six and up. It offers the same fun and excitement as do the Original and Giant Uncle Milton Ant Farms, only this one has a festive gold coloring in honor of the Ant Farm’s fiftieth anniversary.

    Product Dimensions

    13 x 9.1 x 2.2 inches ; 1.1 pounds