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  • This product is the “Nutrient gel version” of the classic Uncle Milton’s Ant Farm. Everyone knows about Uncle Milton’s Ant Farms, but not everyone knows about the relatively new concept of Nutrient gel based Ant Farms such as the Uncle Milton’s Ant Farm Gel Colony. The major advantage of this Ant Farm over the other Uncle Milton Ant Farms is the fact that it is extremely easy to maintain. The Nutrient gel that fills the Ant Farm instead of the traditional tunneling sand not only serves as a substitute tunneling substance, but as food and water as well. There is no need to feed and hydrate the ants as you would normally do in an Ant Farm, which saves you the trouble and the mess.

    The downside of this gel based ant farm is that many have found that the ants had great difficulty creating tunnels. In general ants are more comfortable with the tunneling sand because that is what they are used to. However, in this case the ants are even more uncomfortable because the type of gel used in Uncle Milton’s Gel Colony is rather dense, making it hard to tunnel. It is true that Uncle Milton’s Ant Farm Gel Colony is larger and less expensive than some of its competitors, but it does not measure up in terms of its durability and the type of gel that it contains.

    Contents of the Ant Farm

    The Ant Farm Gel Colony kit simply comes with the gel based Ant Farm and a coupon for receiving free live harvester ants. There is no need for food or a water feeder; however the kit does not include a magnifier or ant catcher either, like some other kits come with.


    Ants are not included but can be received by sending in the coupon included in the kit and adding the cost of the shipping and handling. The ants are not shipped during all times of the year. The little creatures do not survive the trip when the weather is too warm or too cold. The best time for sending for the ants is between April and October. It is possible for some of the ants to arrive expired even during those months, however if this happens, Uncle Milton will send more live ants free of charge. Around 25 ants come in the tube. You should make sure that you are around to receive the ants when they are supposed to come so that the ants do not spend extra time in the mailbox.

    You can catch your own ants although this can be a difficult task. Additionally, the ordered ants survive better and dig better than other ants. This is because they are larger. When catching ants you need to protect your hands with gloves since the ants can bite or sting. Do not combine the ordered ants with other ants as they can kill each other.


    Once in the Ant Farm the ants can live anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months. However, some ants do die right away and others may last longer than expected. In the wild, these ants can live a year and sometimes even longer. Without a queen and their natural habitat, the ants cannot live as long they would normally.

    Ant Care

    Since this Ant Farm is based on the Nutrient gel there isn’t much that needs to be done in order to care for the ants. Unlike the sand based Ant Farms you can move the Ant Farm and even shake it a little if you want to get the ants to become more active. The Ant Farm should be kept in a room with a consistent temperature, between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Direct sunlight can harm the ants in Uncle Milton’s Ant Farm Gel Colony and even kill them. Therefore, the Ant Farm should be kept away from direct sunlight although some light is required.


    The green gel that fills the Ant Farm is rather dense and opaque, making it challenging to see the tunnels that the ants have created. Therefore it is recommended to put the Ant Farm near a source of light so you can see the tunnels well. Any dead ants should be removed immediately so as not to cause mold to grow in the Ant Farm.

    Recommended Age

    The Uncle Milton’s Ant Farm Gel Colony is recommended from age six years old and up. However, this does not mean that adults will not enjoy this item. Watching ants dig tunnels in the translucent gel is fun for all ages. The gel makes seeing the tunnels easier, which makes watching ants more enjoyable for all ages.

    Product Dimensions

    3.6 x 9.6 x 11.6 inches ; 2.3 pounds