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  • This item is more than just an ordinary ant habitat. The Xtreme Ant Farm features a 360 degree live ant tunneling zone with trick towers, vertical ramps, gravity loops, a climbing wall, a bungee jump, a street lunge speedway, and a BMX biking area. The ants do what they do best in this ultra luxurious ant habitat – dig and build tunnels. However, they also explore their exciting new environment by crawling, climbing, and sliding down ramps in the fun-filled park. This Sports Park is a whole different world compared to the original rectangular ant habitats. There is so much more room for the ants to move around, and more angles that they can be seen from.

    Contents of the Ant Farm

    The Xtreme Sports Park comes with a coupon for ordering your free harvester ants, the colorful Extreme Sports Park, tunneling sand, a water dropper, an activity and instructions booklet, and ant food. Additional food, a magnifying glass, other fun stuff, and the ants can be ordered through the Ant Farm Club Kit for an additional fee. You can always order more ants, sand, and food as well


    The ants will be sent to you when the weather permits once you have mailed in your coupon. The best time for receiving your ants is between April and October. You should check your mail often so that you retrieve the ant tube as soon as it arrives. If you are planning on going on vacation you should not send for the ants, or you should arrange for someone else to pick them up. When the ants arrive, you should put them in the refrigerator for fifteen minutes in order to slow them down. Otherwise it will be harder to put them into your Xtreme Sports Park. You can also try catching your own ants, although it is recommended to use the ordered ones because those are known to tunnel well and survive in the Xtreme Sports Park environment. If you do choose to catch ants, make sure you are wearing gloves, as they can bite or sting you.


    Some of the ants that are sent to you may not survive the trip. Others may expire right away, but a nice amount of them should survive for a few months. Without a queen, the ants cannot survive the year or two years that they normally would were they outside in their natural environment.

    Ant Care

    Ants demand little maintenance. However, the few tasks that do need to be done should not be neglected. This includes ensuring a safe place for the habitat and maintaining a comfortable temperature. Ants do not appreciate drastic changes in the weather. Direct sunlight can kill the ants so make certain they are in a shaded area. Ants need to eat and drink but too much food and water can kill them. They can either eat the food included with the kit, or they can eat a pinhead size bite of an apple, a hard-boiled egg, a hamburger, a dead fly, or a leaf. They should be fed once a week, as well as watered with the water dropper according to what is instructed in the booklet. Make sure not to put too much food and water inside, as this can cause a mess, which the ants cannot tolerate.

    Recommended Age

    This Xtreme Ants Sports Park is recommended for age six and up. Children of all ages get to observe ant life from up close with the Xtreme Ant Farm. It is more than just an ant habitat but a mini live-fun park. The ants not only dig intricate tunnels, but enjoy “playing” the sports that children and teenagers are familiar with. The Xtreme Sports Park is not just for children, but adults as well. It is the perfect opportunity to get to know other creatures that are quite intelligent despite their small size.

    Product Dimensions

    14.2 x 7 x 10 inches ; 2.8 pounds